One month of professional integrated programming curriculum to get a job in a software company

Placement drive attended by several companies (check placement)

Top performers in walk-in get free access to SPARK

Performance-based discounted fees

Installment mode of fees  (Pay a significant portion of fees after you get a job)

More than 90% get jobs within 3 months of SPARK.

Refund of fees if not hired by  25th Feb, 2017

CFA School of Programming conducts SPARK  for engineering and MCA students .

SPARK is a one-month integrated program catering to modern needs of hiring by IT companies. At end of the program, SPARK invites several software companies to hire the trainees.

In previous batch, 100% of trainees got jobs in different software companies. Check result of previous batch.

SPARK is not a routine training curriculum staying content with delivering bookish way of programming languages. It teaches programming from first principle, and hence the curriculum has Aptitude (& Problem Solving), Logical (& Relation with Programming), Algorithm (& Algorithmic Thinking) and Java/OOPS (& Program development).

SPARK emerged in response to changing hiring strategies of IT companies

SPARK is conducted by  senior people from IIT having 20+ experience in programming with background of computer science.

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SPARK is a modern, innovative and state-of-art integrated training program conducted by Centre for Advanced Technologies where the students go through different phases from Thinking to Real Program development and get hired by IT companies. The course is a rigorous and intense one-month program delivered by senior IIT alumni from software industry followed aggressively by placement drive.


Fresher Engineers & MCAs

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Bootcamp & Placement

Designed by software companies and conducted by IIT alumni

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I Spark and Get Job

SPARK begin date: 1st Aug, 2016

SPARK end date:26th Aug, 2016

Refund date:25th Feb, 2017

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Know the following points about SPARK                                             

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Soon after SPARK, IT companies will evaluate participants for recruitment.

Training fee will be refunded to a participant if he/she does not get a job by 23rd Dec,2016.

   Refund Policy

          The amount of refund will depend on (i) attendance of participants, (ii) submission of assignments, (iii) attendance at recruitment event by companies

  Factors influencing the amount of refund:

  • The trainees must attend all classes in the programming bootcamp
  • The trainees must work honestly on all assignments, homeworks, evaluation tests.
  • The trainees must go through the recruitment events hosted by CFA and appear all recruitment tests conducted by multiple IT companies

Sincere and disciplined participants will be able to get back 100% of training fee if they do not get job by 25th Feb, 2017.

(check previous batch result to know the refund given to trainees of previous batch)