Bootcamp & Placement

Designed by software companies and conducted by IIT alumni

Tavant Technologies hires from campuses of IITs and NITs, and take them through our in-house training program.The workshop conducted by Centre for Advanced Technologies is a huge complement to our training program, as it focuses and stresses on Creative Thinking and Ability to create smart algorithms. The quality of coding goes up manifold.The employees find this workshop very productive from the perspective of taking creative and non-traditional approaches to writing programs. This is a highly recommended workshop for all companies especially ones hiring employees with less than 3 years of experience.

- Krishnan, VP, Delivery

More than a company in traditional IT services,  a IT security company expects its employees to apply out-of-box thinking approach to its daily work of ethical hacking. In reality, most of the strategies mentioned in various text books fall short as the hackers are on top of them. From this perspective, I found FLASH based on “creative thinking & problem solving” to be a must-attend workshop by all my hires – both fresher and experienced people. We have put it into our regular training curriculum.
- D. Hariharan, Director, 7i Security Solutions

I found FLASH by Centre for Advanced Technologies a great workshop for a couple of points. One, it inculcates a spirit of deep thinking into the problem-solving workflow. I have seen changes in mindset of even average performers, as the latter begin to apply themselves. Two, the workshop not only showed various ways and approaches to solve problems, it also took the employees on a trip of creating algorithm and finally program out of the approaches. I strongly recommend FLASH to all companies especially IT companies.
- Dilip Ayyar, Director, Deccan Infotech

It was a great experience regarding mathematical problem solving during workshop.  I have solved many problems but in scattered manner, after attending the workshop I come to know about techniques and to solve it strategically.
- Abhishek, Student, IIT Kharagpur

Well it was the most productive workshop i ever attended throughout my four year life in IIT Kgp.  I loved the idea where the workshop actually focussed on problem solving rather than just giving ppts (which most other workshops actually do).                      

- Gursewak, Student, IIT Kharagpur

Very rarely I go out of a workshop and think/share about the experience. Your workshop was one of those. I see there's a great need to develop creative thinking and I'm gonna implement the approaches learnt in the workshop in my day to day life
- Samskar, Software Developer, Tavant Technologies

The workshop helped me understand and instilled me to develop the capability to solve complex logical and analytic problem.

- Pareen, Student, IIT Kharagpur

This was a great workshop in which I have experienced lot of things that to do and not to do while giving solutions to the problems. I would like to do more problems similar to which given as assignments at the time of workshop. Never felt boring in the workshop and 3 hours went very fast, because the explanation and presentation was very nice.
- Ajeesh R, Sigma Info Solutions

It was an extremely knowledgeable seminar and even by attending just three hours I have gained a lot of insight as to how to approach problems and find more innovative solutions.
- Adwaith, Software Developer, Tavant Technologies

This is a great workshop conducted for the students where the latter learnt to adopt innovative approaches to given work. The given work could be as small as simple assignment to as big as research papers or a large programming assignment. A highly recommended workshop for students in colleges and employees in companies. A very beneficial one for students to increase problem-solving ability.

- Prof Aurobinda, IIT Kharagpur

Thanks once again for conducting this workshop for Sigma Infosolutions. We had a cross section of the employees attend the training from Developers to Managers and even a few Business Analysts. The session was engaging with solid content. This will encourage out of box thinking and a methodical approach to problem solving. It is great for resources who work hard at creating or finding a solution to a varied set of problems.
- Anubha Phophaliya, Director, Sigma Info Solution

Endeavour strives to maintain its presence in the forefront of digital revolution in continuous manner. Through our work in mobile, cloud and analytics we maintain a very dependable rank among our clients. As we do understand that resource is the key factor in this, we have taken help of Centre for Advanced Technologies to educate four critical layers to our employees – Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Algorithm Development and finally Programming. These layers build a very strong foundation in our employees and enable the latter to build a solid, compact, long-term and at the same time flexible coding in their work. I do recommend and endorse FLASH to all IT companies – big or small, services or product.
- Manish Garg, COO, Endeavour Software Technologies

The Workshop was very useful in order for us to not only think horizontally but also vertically. The problems solved were less time consuming.The session was thought provoking and interesting. Wish we could have had more of you.                                                  
 - Ankita, Software Developer, Tavant Technologies

It was really nice experience. We have learnt many thing and we understood that instead of approaching trial and error method we should think about systematic way to solve the problem. This will help to improve our problem solving skills in a logical way as well as we can solve it quickly. Thank you for providing such a great workshop in a short period.

- Venkateswaran G, Sigma Info Solutions

It was a great experience. I learned that there are different ways of looking at any problem and the easiest solutions can come from unconventional perspectives. Also, if we are more aware of the way we think as humans and are able to translate that into computer code, programming becomes very intuitive and less confusing.
- Tushar, Software Developer, Tavant Technologies

It was a great training and good workshop which we went through to understand the various problem solving techniques and creative thinking. I enjoyed a lot during the entire session. The questions given were very interesting to solve. Hope we get to attend many more sessions in the future. Thank you.
- Sukrutha Bhat, Sigma Info Solutions

It was a great experience for me. I learned so many things like you should do creative thing with critical thinking. Divide the problem into small pieces and then try to solve the problem. Analysis is the main thing we should keep in mind before start solving the problem.
- Garima,Software Developer,Tavant Technologies