Bootcamp & Placement

Designed by software companies and conducted by IIT alumni

Are you taking a long time in training your freshers to become production-worthy?

Do you think the freshers you short-listed, hired and trained are still very mechanical in coding? Do you think they always need spoon-feeding for a greater amount of time despite being trained by your training system?

Are you spending a lot of money on providing training to the freshers?

You should instead hire smart (or enlightened) freshers from SPARK bootcamp

SPARK does not charge companies for placement

SPARK has been approved by several IT companies.

SPARK is a full-time rigorous programming bootcamp attended by a selected group of freshers. It's a unique  case-study based program where the freshers learn to "think" about "create the solution" and finally "program the solution".

Output from SPARK have the following attributes

  • The participant freshers would need much less training when hired (approx 50% less training than traditional freshers)
  • They tend to do “right thinking” given a programming job.
  • If the task is quite large and/or complex, they have the ability to take initiatives to simplify.
  • They have the ability to communicate their thoughts and solutions clearly to stakeholders (say, team-mates, leads, managers, clients, etc)
  • They show good signs to become software architects
  • At the minimum, they own skill of spending sufficient time in “problem space”, and hence have higher chance to build productive codebase for the company


Reason for Success of SPARK:

  • Only 60 people get selected for the bootcamp out of 1000+ applicants
  • Instead of theoretical and traditional training methodologies, the bootcamp makes the freshers go through a intensive case-study based analysis and programming

SPARK Bootcamp Curriculum:

  • Creative Thinking
  • Problem Solving
  • Algorithm & OOPS
  • Logical Analyses
  • Program Development (Java)
  • Communication

SPARK is a structured bootcamp catering to modern needs of hiring by IT companies. At end of the program, the students are evaluated and hired by IT companies.

All courses are conducted by computer science engineers from IIT with minimum of 20+ years of professional programming and architecting experience

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