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CFA - Research & Analytics

We are looking for a professional to join us as Research & Analytics
- This is a deep research role primarily working on technology and industry trends. You will be directly responsible for creating and revising roadmap of proprietary processes of Spark Bootcamp
- The position is based out of Bangalore and does not involve travelling to clients location.

Key Responsibilities:
- Develop a thorough understanding of CFA services including Spark Bootcamp, customer categories and competitors
- Understand and preempt skill development initiatives by state and central governments, and NGOs
- Participate and engage with industries in their resource development initiatives.
- Understand technology trends through research, and interaction.

Here is what we are looking for:
- You are already working in similar roles in reputed companies, preferably in venture capitals, hedge funds
- Passionate about technology and industry trends
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

What can you expect at CFA:
- Completely meritocracy driven
- Like minded intellectually curious colleagues
- High paced learning
- Knowledge-focused space
- Very competitive salary


career at cfa

Do you want to contribute to building a huge ecosystem comprising of industries, colleges, graduates and students?

Does it excite you to be part of an high-growth company dealing with large masses of young students and companies/organizations?

CFA is a unique outcome-oriented ecosystem of colleges, subject experts and corporate partners that helps industries significantly improve their talent pool, and fulfills the supply chain in a very productive way through a unique skill-development process.

Led by a team of illustrious professionals from leading organizations

Supported by a strong advisory board comprising of leading personalities from industry

CFA is a strongly people-oriented company

write to us at for only open positions

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