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It is different from traditional training program. In traditional training program, people only stick to theoretical aspect of subject. But one can learn it in whichever way he wants. This program will help you to think about the problem logically and analytically. 

- Deep Kumar got a job in Tracxn within 3 months of SPARK

SPARK teaches us to think critically before rushing into solving any problem. It made us, to see that, there are other simpler approaches out there.

Few key points I’d take away from the training:

  • If we understand how to express our thought process and systemize it, then we can easily program it.

  • Problem representation is a powerful tool which tells us the entire possibilities and the best way to approach any task.

  • A good Observation is the key to reduce time and complexity to solve any problem.

Break down the problems into smaller-smaller parts. Every part will have its unique responsibility. It should be able to work individually for every input and provide solution accordingly.

- Dushyant Pareek got a job in eGovernments Foundations within 3 months of SPARK

We learnt following things in SPARK:

  • For Problem Solving

                       Any problem can be done in several ways.

                      Use every point in problem to get result.

                      Solve the problem in structured manner.

                     We can divide any problem into small problem.

                     Relate the facts to get calculation fast.

                    Any problem can be converted into programming.

                    Never give up.

  • For Programming

                    Before going to the program first do problem solving then program for that problem.
                   Any program can be done in several ways.
                  Big program can be converted into the modules.

- Gyan Kumar got jobs in Sysfore and GreyTip within 2 months of SPARK

I have come to know that Solving a Logical Problem or Quantitative Aptitude in a smarter way can also in fact help to write Qualitative Programs and improve overall thinking and approach.

Earlier my approach towards a problem used to be very conventional one, prone to Trial and Errors and I used to immediately start writing code soon after I used to receive the problem.

Now I have realized that following methods are far more effective than conventional one:

  • One must think the given problem and get it's real meaning,
  • Solve it in notebook using a good Representation.
  • Break it into as many independent logics as possible and deal with it separately and then combine them to solve main problem.
  • How an Aptitude problem can be solved simply and quickly by avoiding a lot of complexities while solving that in conventional manner.

- Shubham Tiwari got jobs in Endeavour and Amity within 2 months of SPARK


  • I find a huge effect of SPARK in my thinking to approach how to solve a problem in different way I used to think. It not only help me in my written test exam but also in interview also.While giving the written exam of cognizent I follow the way and tricks which I learnt in SPARK classes.
  • I find the approach to getting a developer job easier though i am not so good in programming my technical part is also weak but while facing interviews now i feel confident about my technical approach which i learnt from SPARK.

- Shivani Mishra got job in Cognizant even before SPARK got over

I found spark effective. Naveen sir is doing a good job by teaching students how to program a solution for different problems and even it was the first time when I got to know how we can code solution for any aptitude problems. Even I got a job I wanted to be connected with CaTechnologies. Thank you for providing us such an opportunity.

- Shiv Kumar got job in Cognizant even before SPARK got over


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