Bootcamp & Placement

Designed by software companies and conducted by IIT alumni

Boutique IT services companies carry overhead. We go lean.

Senior architects from SPARK Bootcamp along with graduates have completed many a software projects in Industry. These projects include design solution, simplifying design, architecting, breaking up into coding modules, hands-on programming, test-driven development, maintainable coding and necessary documentation.
Absence of overheads makes the projects lean, economical and efficient.

Unified Communications

Development of a unified communications platform that allows enterprises to communicate with their users as well as for internal communication. The Platform provides Presence, audio / video calls, messaging (1-1, group, ad hoc groups) all as in-app services. It exposes an API which can be used by apps to communication-enable themselves. Heterogeneous apps supporting these APIs can communicate with each other (e.g. a user using SalesForce app could chat or call another user using the FieldAware app) - thus enabling organizations to use their app of choice to cater to customer services and still benefit with all the features of this unified communications platform.


Development of an investment decision making system to be used by investors. It collects data about startups from various sites using crawling, scraping and other technologies, further probes the websites, blogs, forums, social media for detailed information of those organization. It builds a complete landscape portfolio for the organization, and displays all that information in a series of charts. The system doesnt provide any recommendation on its own, but displays data in a user-friendly way in complete breadth and depth which makes it easy for investors to make their decisions based on their own investment philosophy.

ReMeDi (Remote Medical Diagnostics)

This project was in 2008 before the sophisticated communication systems of today were available.
It involved a hardware kit for medical diagnostics (temperature, BP, ECG, stethoscope, etc), which would be installed at kiosks in remote areas. A patient could walk into the kiosk and the facilitator would connect him to a doctor sitting in an upscale urban area. The doctor would diagnose the patient over video conferencing, operate the hardware kit using remote control mechanism, give prescriptions, etc. The system was a complete virtual hospital, which involved modules for appointment scheduling, medical records of the patient, 3rd party interventions by specialists on special demand. The idea was awareded at the World Economic Forum in 2009 and was adopted by couple of NGOs for implementation in rural areas in the North India.


Development of a complete CRM that manages the internal operations of a reputed Yoga company, Artistic Yoga. From call-center operations that involves customer acquisition to customer retention, management of day-to-day operations (including attendance), management of over 50 yoga centres all over the world, payment management, internal cost management - with different views to senior managers to track daily upgrade, this is a single system that does it all. It also includes sophisticated sales analysis, e.g. customer pipleline management, trainers performance analysis, packages and offers, call-center executives performance analysis, etc, this is a single-point software that manages the operations of Artistic Yoga in over 10 cities spanning across 3 countries.


It's an e-governance project by the DWCD, Karnataka in collaboration with UNICEF, to track the juvenille justice system. Tracks a juvenile from the point of discovery by police /NGO to the whole judicial process, and the child's condition in the remand home till he is finally discharged. The juvenile are of two categories : those involved in crime, and those requiring help (e.g. orphans, victims, etc)

The system comprised of a large number of departments (e.g. member NGOs, Police,Lawyers, Judges, Remand Homes, DWCD, UNESCO) and a very large number of forms and a complex flow for the efficient tracking of the juvniles of both cases till the point of a satisfactory rehabiliation and monitoring thereafter.The system is deployed all over Karnataka and is up for adoption in other states.