Bootcamp & Placement

Designed by software companies and conducted by IIT alumni

Offerings by SPARK

Smart Freshers

Do you want to hire smart and strong-foundation fresher engineers?
Around 60 freshers from 1000+ applicants are shortlisted and put under SPARK bootcamp.  Check detail


Do you want to see effect of SPARK bootcamp on your software programmers?
Invite us to hold a workshop (FLASH) on your programmers

FLASH is a three-hours workshop built on the proprietary pedagogy of SPARK and it is free

We have conducted FLASH in many IT companies. Check detail

SPARK has devised a special pedagogy in the form of case-studies on creative thinking, problem-solving and strong algorithm

This has been showcased at IIT Kharagpur and several IT companies. This is a unique method of enhancing higher order thinking skills of engineering freshers and MCAs.

SPARK runs a 4-weeks bootcamp on this curriculum on fresh engineers & MCAs and makes them very eligible for efficient programming

(For part-time attendees, the program runs for three months)

Software companies hire smart freshers from SPARK and derive benefits  by putting them into production work with a minimal internal training 

Additionally, software companies invite SPARK to run its curriculum on their programmers. The employees experience the fundamental change in thinking, approach, and programming