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Placement Drive


SPARK launches placement drive

only invited institutes are allowed to participate

completely free for the students (except stay at Bengaluru at actual cost) 

(support to arranging stay is provided)

For outstation candidates

Come to Bangalore, Stay, appear placement drive and get hired in programming & analytics

Software companies

Register for Placement

Exclusively for fresher engineers

Outstation candidates are encouraged to apply

1000 engineers to be developed and hired by software companies this year through Spark Bootcamp

Join free and pay after you get programming job

Facility for stay close to centre is arranged for outstation candidates

One month of professional integrated programming bootcamp

Case-studies based specialist course in problem-solving, algorithm and Java. It builds a strong foundation in students

Placement drive attended by several companies

              (check names of companies who are attending batch placement)

More than 90% get jobs within 3 months of SPARK bootcamp & placement


Bootcamp & Placement

Designed by software companies and conducted by IIT alumni

SPARK Bootcamp

Designed & Developed by software companies

Outstation candidates are encouraged to apply as they will be provided with facilities of
staying close to centre

Get a software development position by being a specialist in

fundamental problem-solving,

algorithm, and Java

Spark Bootcamp is inviting engineers to apply for the batch

Spark Bootcamp has current year requirement of 1000 engineers 

Please check names of companies here >>

The engineers will be developed to possess strong foundation in

algorithm, data structure and problem-solving,

and they will be hired as software developers

by the above and other companies

No fee is levied on admission, bootcamp sessions and recruitment events

Fee is charged only if the engineers are hired

Join free and pay after you get hired 

Software companies to attend batch placement 

ArisGlobal, Kirusa, Silvan LabsCureJoy,

MobStac, Coviam, Innoventes,

WibMo, InstaSafe

and many more >>


Spark Bootcamp has been created by software companies to fill the void in algorithmic skill in IT sector

Endorsed by IIT Kanpur Alumni

Conducted by Industry Seniors from IIT Alumni
(Visit profiles of team)

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